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    Perfect on Macbookpro 5,1

    I installed this on my Mac book Pro 5,1. 15" 2.66 gHZ (2009 edition). Significantly faster, quieter, and better battery life. I used CCC to clone my HD to the SSD externally. Will need a SATA to USB cable, 00 Phillips head and Torx T6 screwdriver as outlined on the tutorial (google Upgrading Your MacBook Pro with a Solid State Drive, i can't post the link for some reason) Install was straight forward, started up using SSD as main drive with no issues.

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    Perfect for MacBook Pro mid-2009

    I just replaced my HDD with this SSD. Afterwards, I did a clean install of Lion. Also, I upgraded my memory from 4GB to 8GB. And it feels like I just bought a new laptop! It boots and shuts down almost instantly. And TRIM was enabled by default by Lion. I read extensively on the internet and was tempted to get another brand of SSD, because they cost a lot less. But in the end I went with this (much more expensive) option, and I'm completely happy with it.

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    Work's perfect in Mid 2010 MacBook Pro

    I searched all over for specs on this and couldn't find them. It is a 2.5inch drive inside of an adapter for the Mac Pro. It works perfectly fine in the MacBook laptops, as it is a 2.5inch 9.5mm high drive. It's the Toshiba with Apple firmware. So for all you guys out there that have told other people it won't work in a laptop your wrong. Also it does support Trim if you enable it, and it is definitely faster than the spinning hard drives. You won't go wrong with getting this.

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    Solid States are great b/c you can put your operating system and all your applications on that drive then just keep all your music/movies/all other stuff on larger less expensive drives. I don't get the comment above (or below), since there are so many drive bays there's tons of rooms for storage and you don't need all the drives to be Solid States. Not now anyway, when/if they become the norm than sure but until then there's no need. Also you can get a solid state from so many other sites for half the price (if not more).

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    Not all solid state drives are equal

    I still can't believe I payed 1500 dollars for this SSD after tax. What that being said I'm glad I did. Having lots of music, TV shows and movies I needed the 512GB. Upgrading from a 256GB SSD I love having the extra room. The days of trying to decide what to keep on my MacBook Pro or external drive are over.

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