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    Good device but where's the TB3 version?

    • Written by Daniel B from CHICAGO

    Highly reliable Ethernet adapter that does not draw a lot of power. As superior to USB versions as it is, it's infuriating that nobody, not even Apple, has bothered to bring it out in a Thunderbolt 3 version, forcing people to use inferior models that use a USB controller and draw a lot of power including precious battery power and overheat. Very annoying being forced to choose between a USB power hog and daisy chaining this thing on a TB3-2 adapter when away from an appropriate dock or adequate wireless, but at least the daisy chaining is also reliable as long as nothing pulls out of the connection.

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    Meh its Ok

    • Written by Will H from surrey

    So...The speed is good, but...It feels flimsy. The connection is good between my MBP and the dongle, but it is a bit stupid to have to spend the money on it. I tried with an amazon basics one before this, but it just wouldn't recognise the connection. For £30 it is a bit steep for something that should really be built into the laptop. Its also something else to bring around with you. It is fast to connect the first time that you use it, but after that its ≈20 seconds for it to be recognised. I would say that if you genuinely need one, then get it, but don't if you need it for casual use.

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    Ease of Use & Reliable Virtual NIC Teaming

    • Written by Anthony C from Singapore

    I have one of this 'Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet' adapter for the last 1+ to 2 years. It has served me well and works seamlessly through the update of macOS from Mountain Lion (I think) to Sierra to now High Sierra on an iMac. I vividly remembered there was one or two minor bugs back with Sierra Public Betas but it was sorted out at official release.

    The 'Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet' adapter is easy to install (just plug in and it works) and even easy to configure virtual NIC teaming to allow redundancy in connectivity. Fail-over works seamlessly too and maintain connectivity to the network when the iMac onboard NIC's connectivity is down (e.g. primary network switch's firmware update and reboot).

    I am not able to recall what is the typical throughput of this 'Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet' adapter. I vividly recall it is not the most fantastic throughput but given it is afterall an external adapter, some overhead loss is expectable. No compatibility issues experienced which may indicate the chipset used in this adapter is fairly compatible with that used in the network switches I have (Ubiquiti Edge Switches).

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