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    I like it!

    All four of the cables I ever had are still working. Some even after 5 years. The only problem I ever had with one is the rubber came off by the plug in. Other than that they are perfectly fine. I never had to throw one away. I'm using one that probably 5-7 years old and it works perfectly. I got too many cables on my house but they all work. People are just being haters, the cables are pretty good quality.

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    I don't know how do people manage to destory such a stif and strong cable. You pull it by the plastic, softlly, not by the cable, it's not glued on.

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    Great cable

    Not sure how these other people have managed to destroy theirs, but I just gave a way a two year old cable to my wife and I can't help but think how well it has held up.

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    None of mine have ever broke and they always work great!

    From my iPod touch 5th generation to my iPhone 7 these cords have never let me down. Don't know why there is so many bad reviews

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    Satisfied customer.

    I bought four of these in October 2014, for home, for work and for the car, with one spare; it's now May 2017 and I still use three of them because they are in perfect working order. Only one failed, but that was after over two years of being the one that was used most. The rubber at the 'lightening' end started to come away and expose the wire within, so, although the cable still worked, I binned it. I'm now back to buy a replacement.

    My advice may be a little patronising, because it's common sense. Don't treat the cable roughly; when plugging or unplugging it, handle the plastic lightening or USB connecting parts, not the rubber cable. Also, when holing your device while the cable is connected to it, do so at an angle that does not strain or put bending pressure on the cable within about a couple of inches of the device.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great charger, but there's one problem.

    So, as I said, there's one issue. The charger will burst open over time for some strange reason. I think the actual wiring generates small amounts of heat under the rubber casing, causing the rubber casing to swell (bubble), and then eventually it just bursts open.

    It's the end that goes into the phone, it mostly happens at that end. I don't pull it out of my iPhone by the cable, I take great care of my Apple products (because I love them).

    But, the point is that I think Apple should think about the charger and recreate it, fully or just fix the issues. If Apple does this, please upgrade the USB to 3.0, for more efficient charging and syncing. Apple is all about performance, sleek designs and efficiency.

    If you all keep complaining and hating on Apple, just stop moaning about everything and move to Samsung or something. Apple doesn't need people like you.

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    Received my charging cable today. Super fast delivery!! Ordered two days ago, received today. Fast charging aswell. Great charging cable!

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    Awesome! Doesn't deserve 1 star!

    i would defeinetly recommened this versus an off brand charger. They charge your phone very quickly. And they do not break. Just take care of your charger like you take care of your phone and you will be fine. Have had the charger for years and works good as new!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    *****Does not deserve a 1 star*****

    Great charger with no complaints. Annoyed with all the idiots in this thread giving it a one star rating. Absolutely no reason to question this charger. If it breaks you can bring it back. Morons. Id buy it again.

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    Look after your stuff, and your stuff looks after you!

    Well I've had my iPhone 5s for nearly 3 years now and I'm still on my original cable that came in the box! I've had my iPad 2 for 4 years and again, still on the original charger and lead! Both leads might show some slight signs of wear but charges as it should! Pull the white plastic piece to unplug from the devices and they will last! Bit pricey from apple but I bet I've spent £20 on cheap ones over the 2 years for my misses' phone as she doesn't understand how to unplug the cable properly!!

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    I don't know what their going on about

    I don't get what the big fuss is. Everyone in our family has an apple device they work perfectly fine the only problem is that we keep on losing ours because we can't look after things, the wires have been chewed to death by our 2 cats, still works. Honestly I don't know why people are saying bad things about this product

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Charger Ever!!!!

    This charger is so easy to use and extremely robust i love the way you can put it in both ways meaning that plugging your phone into charge in the dark is easy I own 3 lightning devices - an iPhone 7, aIpad Mini and an iPod touch and all of them work seamlessly with the different lightning cables I have a total of 25 lightning cables around the house and not one of them have ever broke good for traveling and 1'000'000 times better that the micro USB that Samsung uses as they keep breaking for me. The charger charges my iPhone 7 in 30minutes or less and i always have a lightning cable on me.

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    High Quality Charger

    Apple has been very consistent in what they do. The standard iphone chargers are high quality devices. They only come in white as do the headphones that are packaged with the phone.

    The charger has the ability to last a lifetime if taken care of. The only downfall to the charger itself is if mishandled it can bend and the charger will eventually malfunction in some way and won't charge your phone.

    A decent charger is hard to find outside of the ones you get from Apple themselves. They are usually cheap and low quality. I would recommend responsible users of their phone charger to use the charger given upon purchase and if the charger still stops working to buy another directly from Apple. Rating 10/10.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Lightning cable is so fast

    Lightning cable is so fast I try to send music into my iPod touch 6th gen it takes less than 5 seconds.and you can plug it easily.some other people say it's brakes easily but mine is so good condition.but it's over priced

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    It lasts for years

    Best cable ever.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    A bit expensive..

    Massive improvement over the old 30 pin train wreck, especially when kid jams it in upside down. I got a collection of four lightning cables and they work fine with no damage since old 5s. Reading the 2k or so 1 star ratings leaves me feeling very inadequate. I must learn to yank cord harder or use at least two when towing car? So to all the haters and massive whiners maybe ask Apple to give us wireless charging and use bluetooth headphones? 5 stars off for getting rid of the headphone jack but that's a whole new topic, no?

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    No issues - always works.

    I've been using these cables for years and years and I have never, never needed to buy any other apart from the one included in the package. Always good!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Why so many bad reviews?

    I really like the charger cable. It works, it does it's job. Many people with bad reviews probably pull the jack out using the cable (pulling the cable instead of the head) and they are raging about that. Guys, be careful with the cable. It's not invincible.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    life expentacy only depends upon your care

    i've had my usb cable for a couple of years now and it's still in good condition. i can't lie about its fragility though. i just saved myself lots of dollars for taking good care of it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Vastly better than other competitors

    I saw so many bad reviews that I felt compelled to write my own review. I have had an iPhone since the first iPhone. I skipped 1 or 2 of the S versions of the phone but for the most part I try to stay with the newest model. The cable has always worked great for me. I currently have 3 lighting cables from previous phones. They all work great. My oldest one is starting to come apart but it's around 3 years old. I have never had a problem with charging slow or plugging in the cable to my phone.

    Just so you get a feel for how I use my cables. I like to have multiple cables for charging throughout my house and in my car. I'm constantly on the phone for hours at a time so I need to essentially be connected to a charger throughout the day. I've used many other brands of cables and they are not even close to the quality of Apple's cable. No other cable has lasted more than 1 year without falling apart. I'm at the point where I exclusively by Apple cables. They are not perfect but much better than any of the competitors.

    As far as the length is concerned, I think it's perfect. Any longer and it would be a mess. However, Apple does offer longer cables.

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