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    Apple rises to new ground with the best charging cables

    Steer clear of those one star ratings that over the unnecessary blame over this amazing gem of a charging cable. I have not been as careful as I was when I first bought this, but it didn't stop the cables from working like brand new even if layers of the cord were shredded from how I handle it and glad it's reversible because only one side works on one of the two I used after a few months from buying them and still work after 2 years. This is by far the best charging cable I would ever recommend.

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    I don’t see the reason for criticism because after 5 years I had no problems. My other 3rd Party Cables are a different story the covers fly off like after 3 days. My apple cord has not failed me b always connecting and charging my iPad.

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    Whats wrong with you people?

    So many negatives on this lead, i think its down to incompetency more than anything else.
    Wire is brilliant and tough if you look after it (which is where people struggle and blame the wire) genuine item must be used so it doesnt mess up your battery. A+++ price goes with quality assurance.

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    Confused with the Complaining

    I guess I must be a gentle guy (NOT!) but out of the 6 iPhones I've bought in my life only one Apple-branded cable has ever failed me.
    Knockoffs and Amazon Basics have failed me far more often.

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    phone is good as new again!

    Saw the tons of negative reviews and that gave me pause. But I went ahead and bought one anyway. I had been using an old one that I got originally with the phone and 3 years later it was no longer charging the phone well. I assumed it was a weak battery/old phone that might need replacement, but simply changing the cable did it. The phone charges super well now & even holds charge longer!! Very happy with purchase, ordered one more to keep at my office desk.

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    They made the wire a better quality and it is a harder plastic not rubber anymore which I'm happy with. I've had it for 2 weeks and its worked well and I hope it continues to work for a few years.

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    Best yet

    I have to say I have never had a problem with the cords I’ve bought from Apple, now the cheap ones from eBay is another story. I like to have extra cords at home and in the car plus in my purse so I buy one every few weeks. Wish they were cheaper though.

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    I actually CAME back to the Apple cords!

    I was tired of paying Apple prices for my iPhone and iPad cords.
    So I found some on Amazon and got the thick cords - they lasted only a tiny
    bit longer than Apple cords. So next I bought off brands from a couple
    different sites - and the cords were too loose fitting and they'd pull out from
    the wall charger or the iPad or iPhone too easily often without me knowing.
    In addition, they would charge for like 2 seconds and stop!!!! Grrrrr!
    So, now I'm back to Apple to get my cords.

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    Work OK

    I have had my cables for years and they work fine. One has become a little frayed at the phone end, but I put a piece of sticking plaster round it and it has been no trouble for over a year. In fact our recent house-sitters took both cable and 12W power adaptor with them when they left. Not happy about that. Maybe the older cables were better made?

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    3 years of daily use, finally decided to fail.

    I've been using the original cable that came with my 6 in 2014, and its just now decided to break the sheath and stop working properly. Considering its used daily, I feel like three years is a pretty solid lifespan. I guess a lot of people are harder on their things than I am, but if you take care of your things, they will last. Looked at other non apple lightning cables and don't really trust any of them. Will be buying another one of these and using it daily for another three years.

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    Best Cable Ever!

    I like the way cable looks and feels. I've never had any troubles with it except for the time my kid stuck it in his mouth. Overall I enjoy much more than my other charging cables!

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    No Problem with Cable Breakage Here

    I don't understand why so many complaints about the iPhone USB cable easily breaks. I've had my original cable for over a year and it still looks brand new with no sign of breakage or poor charging performance. I treat my cables like I treat my phone itself, with respect. I never wrap my cables where either end becomes bent, whether charging or storing, (even while in my pocket).

    A family member had a cable for another brand phone and it began tearing at the phone entry end. All I did was put some electrical tape around it and it works fine. I suggested that she not allow the ends to bend. One thing you can do with your cable is wrap it at each end before it breaks. This will prolong its usefulness. You may say, "At 20 bucks, I should not have to do that." I agree, but as I said, I take very good care of my cables. I have not wrapped mine with tape and don't intend to due to how i take care of it.

    I'm about to purchase another Apple brand cable to leave in my car. It too will be properly cared for, with respect.

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    This charger is great but you just have to take care of it.....that means don't bend it or press it down with your phone on a table or bed/couch also don't just let it fall to the ground when your done with it. People are saying it's bad quality but honestly you just have to treat gently.

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    Mine Works Great

    Im not sure what people are saying about there cords breaking mine work fine

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    You get what you pay for?

    Not sure why this item gets such flak – I've bought a non-Apple version from another supplier and it was rubbish, but I haven't had a genuine Apple one fail yet. You know that all cables need fairly sensitive handling, especially lightweight ones like these, right?

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    Look after your cable!!!

    Just ordering a new cable for one of our staff, they are the one that doesn't look after there cable, always twisted and pulled, consequently they need a new cable, I my self still using one from 4 years ago no problems and other staff have cables in good condition!

    If you look after the cable you would have your product a lot longer, its ashame that the reviews are from negligent people not looking after there products.

    Reviewers are quick to find fault and not take any responsibility for the care of it!

    Its a good cable and worth the money!

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    I don't have a problem with breaking?

    My iPad is almost 5 years old still have the original cable little dirty but not broken. My iPhone 6s+ over a year old no broken charger here. USER ERROR don't blame apple for your chargers breaking. Getting an extra cable tto keep with the MacBook (also not broken)

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    I like it!

    All four of the cables I ever had are still working. Some even after 5 years. The only problem I ever had with one is the rubber came off by the plug in. Other than that they are perfectly fine. I never had to throw one away. I'm using one that probably 5-7 years old and it works perfectly. I got too many cables on my house but they all work. People are just being haters, the cables are pretty good quality.

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    I don't know how do people manage to destory such a stif and strong cable. You pull it by the plastic, softlly, not by the cable, it's not glued on.

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    Great cable

    Not sure how these other people have managed to destroy theirs, but I just gave a way a two year old cable to my wife and I can't help but think how well it has held up.

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