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    Can't Connect Lightning EarPods While Charging on Dock - iPhone 7

    • Written by Adam C from Beaverton

    I like the design of the dock overall, but it has one major flaw. I got a pair of Lightning EarPods with my iPhone 7 but I can't connect them to the phone while it's in the dock. Assuming you're charging, there's one Lightning port to connect to power and there's a 3.5mm headphone jack, which means I have to use headphones with a 3.5mm jack to listen to audio while it's charging - but Apple doesn't provide 3.5mm headphones with an iPhone 7. It needs another Lightning port.

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    Missing a lightning out port

    • Written by Russell M from Boca Raton

    Wait this is for the iPhone 7? Where is the Lightning out port? I see the headphone jack but now that I have a Lightning port set of ear buds, it seems to be missing a very important port. I sure this will make all the people that are crazy about the removal of the earphone jack a little happier...maybe

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    Great doc but has it's limits

    • Written by Daniel E from Novi

    Doc is Great for a desk and listening to music in the kitchen while cooking. But the doc won't work with a Mic supported aux cord plugged into the headphone jack. You will get tons of statch and feedback. The only way to use Mic supported aux cords is to use the headphone adapter that comes with your iPhone 7 and up and plug the adapter into the lighting port. Which means I can't charge and talk on the phone unless I use Bluetooth headphones. Which makes this doc very limited when it comes to wired in devices that use a mic. Come on Apple this is such a cheap fix.

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