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    looks great at the beginning, keep a way from Apple rubber products.

    The band looks stylish, attracting, but the quality of the rubber is awful as color changing in a less than a year, sales stuff not professional at all "went many times to change it as considered bad quality, sales stuff will convince you it is a normal issue due to a daily usage!! one of the funniest when a silly commentary from one of them asking me to clean it with Mr. Clean!

    my advice be away from Apple's rubber stuff "2nd product from them with a failure experience in a year" unfortunately!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Band Ever!

    I have an Apple Watch Series 1 and was looking for a good running/exercise band. The stock black band was great but wasn't as breathable as I would have liked. I wanted to pull the trigger on this purchase several times but finally did so a few days ago. From the moment it was taken out of the box I knew I made the right choice. Silky smooth, yet firm in quality. When i connected the band to my watch it took no effort. When I connected the clasp is was as if it knew where to go on its own. My first few runs with this band were amazing. My wrist could breathe and I almost forgot I was wearing a watch. If you are looking for a band to use while exercising, GET THIS ONE! If you are looking for a band thats sporty and fun for all occasions...GET THIS ONE!

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    Awesome band!! Totally recommend it

    As soon as I got the band in the mail I opened and put it on. This Nike+ watch band is not only stylish but breathable, I have had lots of sweat under my wrist where my watch is but this band's breath ability is much better than my old midnight blue sports band. This would be my favourite watch band and I recommend it to all Apple Watch users!

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    Great breathable band

    Great band with style, wanting this band for a while but didn't want to buy the Nike + watch. One drawback is that when I took the band out of the box, it was pretty messy and dusty. Not sure why? It only took took a quick clean however
    Would recommend

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