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    Great band! Not great color!

    Love this band. The band that comes with the watch is nice and durable, but also a bit bulky for daily use for me as it catches on the edge of my MBP while I am navigating the keyboard. It's great for the gym and when outdoors.This mesh band is great it the office. The color can be deceptive as presented, it shows as much darker. This is color is just military/olive green. Look up cargo green images to get a better idea of the actual color of this band if buying online.

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    OD Green

    The color of green the is matches OD Green exactly, a color that is used in various BDUs in the Military. Mine are Multicam and this green is exactly what I've been waiting for! Also got the Nike Sport Band in this color and it's the same level of dark green. Comfortable as all get out!

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