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    Exceeded expectations

    • Written by Oliver K from Fairfield

    The Apple website shows the Cape Cod Blue to be quite a dull, muted colour, but when I saw it in real life, it really looks a lot more mellow and visually appealing. Still not my first choice, but anyways, I'll address that later.

    I can leave my wallet at home with this Folio, as I can store my license in there, and then use Apple Pay on my phone/watch to pay for everything. Like an iPad Smart Cover, it also automatically awakens and locks the phone when you open/close the flap. When you take photos, the flap hangs down, but this isn't as inconvenient as I thought it would be.

    Taking off a star unfortunately because the color options are a bit too limited - I picked the Cape Cod Blue, only because there wasn't a more "Classy" option available. Saddle Brown and Midnight Blue would both be obvious choices here - they would really make the Folio look even more like a wallet. Taupe was an option for X folio yet was removed this year for the XS - pity, I would've opted for that one here in a heart-beat.

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