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    • Written by Jessica P from Edmonton

    I have always wanted a smart battery case from Apple for one of my phones but I've always had the plus models so I was unable to, but when I heard that apple had made a smart battery case for the XS max I was ecstatic. Since there are only two colour options, I opted to get the white one because I liked how classy it looked, especially with my gold phone. Within two days of using the case, it had become a gross, toasted marshmallow colour and I could not clean it off. I am extremely disappointed as I only enjoyed the white colour. I did go back and exchange it for the black, but I don't like how dark it is as it shows oils from your skin and other impurities (such as lint and dust) just as quickly as the white one, minus the hideous staining.
    PRO tip - if how your case looks matters to you at all, DO NOT get the white one because you will regret it. Within a week, it will look like you have had the case on for years. If you want it to hold out longer, get the black one, but neither colour is great.
    APPLE, please release this case in red or a stone colour so they look better longer, thank you. I have returned the case and will not even think about getting it again until there are more colours released.

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