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    Fast charging is great, price not so much.

    • Written by Rob P from Coventry

    The fast charging for the iPhone Xs Max is fantastic, but given that this product did not come with the phone and it still requires an additional (expensive) component to function and charge the iPhone I find that the price is just again Apple taking the proverbial and being pretty out of touch with the majority of its users. The plug itself should come included with all premium versions of their iPhones (X, Xs, Xs Max) and also a USB-C to Lighting cable should also be included in the box for these devices. I feel that the cheaper (I can't help at laugh at the irony of this word here) iPhones should include the smaller 5W folding charger as these folding chargers are fantastic for storing in your pocket.

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    smart and beauty Design

    • Written by Arvin A from cupernito

    if forgot the size as disadvantage, other factors are acceptable.

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