Easy Ways to Connect The freedom of cellular.

Take a call from the trail. Check in with a buddy over Walkie-Talkie. Keep your workouts going by streaming Apple Music. Or raise your wrist and ask Siri to start your “Workout Playlist“. Apple Watch Series 4 with cellular makes it easy to stay connected to the people and information you care about most. Even when you don’t have your phone.1

Call and text with just your watch.

Built-in cellular lets you go with just your watch. Take calls, send texts, listen to voicemail — Apple Watch Series 4 with cellular keeps you connected no matter where you go.1

Emergency SOS. A lifeline on your wrist.

Emergency SOS allows you to quickly get help. It calls 102, notifies your emergency contacts, sends your current location and displays your Medical ID badge on the screen for emergency personnel. And Apple Watch Series 4 with cellular does it all even when you’re away from your phone.

Say hello to Walkie‑Talkie.

Quicker than a call. More personal than a text. The Walkie-Talkie app lets you communicate in a fun, new way with anyone who has an Apple Watch. Just press to talk. Let go to listen. Roger that?

If you need it, Siri is on it.

Siri is better in more ways than one. You no longer need to say “Hey Siri“. Just raise your wrist and speak. And since the Siri watch face gets to know you as you use it, it can proactively make suggestions at the right time and place — like giving you the weather before you head out the door.

Listen to what you love.

Stream anything from Apple Music and Apple Podcasts, directly from your wrist. You’ve got over 50 million songs to choose from. And a huge variety of stories, personalities and news. It’s up to you. Rock your run or learn as you burn.2

A view with more room.

Thanks to the larger display on Apple Watch Series 4, you get more information and richer detail at a glance than ever before. Maps are bigger, stretching from curved corner to curved corner. Calendars are even more comprehensive and helpful.

Stay in the know. Respond in the now.

Change the time and party size for your upcoming reservations. Now you can respond directly within notifications from many of your favourite apps.

There’s an Apple Watch for everyone.

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