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Apple Teacher, a free professional learning program in English and French, is designed to support and celebrate educators using Apple products for teaching and learning. With the Apple Teacher program, you can build skills on iPad and Mac that directly apply to activities with your students and be rewarded for the great work you do every day. Sign up to gain access to the Apple Teacher Learning Centre. There you can test your knowledge, earn badges for the new things you learn, and become recognised with the official Apple Teacher logo. Share your #AppleTeacher achievement on Twitter @AppleEDU.

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Everyone Can Code is now en français.

Download Swift Playgrounds, a revolutionary new app for iPad that makes it fun to learn and experiment with code. Swift Playgrounds now supports French and is supported by Teacher Guides for learning to code. You'll also find Student and Teacher Guides for App Development with Swift.

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Bring coding into your elementary classroom.

Help your K-5 students begin to think like coders using the new Everyone Can Code resources. Two new teacher guides provide the support you need to help your elementary students explore coding concepts using codeSpark Academy and Tynker.

Get Started with Code 1

Get Started with Code 2


Explore codeSpark Academy and Tynker on the App Store

codeSpark Academy with The Foos

Tynker - Learn to Code

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