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In celebration of Computer Science Education Week December 4-10, we've released a new Hour of Code challenge in Swift Playgrounds for iPad. In this new challenge, you'll use logic and Swift code to build The Incredible Code Machine. You can also choose last year's challenge with Byte and friends to learn the basics of coding. Both are fun ways to explore learning and writing code.

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Host your own Hour of Code event in class or after school by using the Swift Playgrounds app and the Hour of Code Facilitator Guide. You can also sign up for a Today at Apple coding session at your local Apple Store.

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Everyone Can Code

The Everyone Can Code programme gives anyone the power to learn, write, and teach code using Swift, a powerful and easy to use language invented by Apple. The programme includes a range of free teaching and learning resources that take students all the way from exploring basic coding concepts to building fully functional apps with Swift. These materials can help build skills that create opportunities for all students.

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Dive into more Hour of Code activities with these amazing apps for young coders or explore Developing iOS 11 Apps with Swift from Stanford University.


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Sphero Edu


Hopscotch: Make Games


Kodable - Coding for Kids


Thunkable Live


Developing iOS 11 Apps with Swift

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