iTunes Player.

Where all your favorite stuff is just a click away.

The iTunes player keeps all your music in one place. Instead of going through stacks and stacks of CDs, you can import them into iTunes and quickly browse your whole collection. Organize it any way you want. Move it onto any of your devices. Play it whenever — and wherever — the mood strikes. Even have Genius make mixes of songs that go great together.


With iTunes, it’s easy to get all your music organized. When you import your CDs, iTunes automatically adds the album, artist, and song names, along with the album art. Then, with your whole collection to choose from, you can create the ultimate playlists for rocking out, working out, or chilling out. You can also rate your songs with one to five stars, so it’s easy to find your favorites later.

On iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.Open the Music app and select artists, playlists, or songs.
On Mac and PC.Open iTunes, go to your music library, and select artists, playlists, or songs.

Your music goes where you do.

It’s easy to keep all your iOS devices ready to rock. Open iTunes, click Settings, and choose music to see a list of what’s already there. To add something, click Add To, and your entire iTunes library appears next to the list of what’s on your device. Drag and drop. And you’re done.