can I simply transfer my current win7 environmet to a new mac book pro with parallels and have all my windows software work? is porting easy or hard?

I have a high performance pc based laptop with lots of software and am considering a high performance mac book. I really really don't want to have to do a windows install, then do a autocad install then do a microsoft office install then .... etc etc etc.

or is this just unavoidable?

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    I did this with WinXP and it was simple and seamless. The OS, all my apps and files were copied automatically to the virtual machine.
    The Parallels help file says Win7 is supported. You may have to reactivate some of your applications. MS Office does not need to be reactivated.

  • I ported my Win 7 complete with all its applications, and everything works, including MS Office. I used an external disk to do the port, which took about an hour in total, following the good instructional steps in Parallels. I moved my data separately, and sat it all in my Mac folders, so I had to change some default 'save' settings in Office etc. I had to go online to re-validate Win 7. Copy and paste between Windows and OS X apps works beautifully.