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Now it's easy to give iPod and Mac gifts to friends and family throughout  South East Asia.* Simply visit the Apple Online Store of the destination country. If you don't speak the language, no problem. Just place your order with an Apple Online Store expert by calling 1800-80-6419.

Deliveries to 6 South East Asian countries.

We guarantee door-to-door delivery of your gifts wherever your friends or family live in  6 countries across South East Asia.

Shop our full catalog with gift options.

Select from our full range of iPod and Mac products. Add gift options such as signature gift packaging and free iPod engraving.

Use your credit card.

Place your order using a Visa or MasterCard.

Start shopping. Click the country you want your order shipped to.*

More details about International billing.

How do I order a product to be delivered to another country?

Click the appropriate link on this page to visit the Apple Online Store of the country you want to deliver to. For example, if you live in Singapore and want to deliver to  Kuala Lumpur, visit the Apple Online Store for Malaysia. Then, shop for the products you want and pay for your order with a credit card.

Which currency will my order use?

You will be billed in the currency of the destination country. For example, if you are sending to a friend in Bangkok, you will shop at the Apple Online Store for Thailand and you will be billed in Baht.

What is the return and refund policy?

Returns and refunds will be made in the same manner and currency used in the purchase transaction. For example, if you ship to Manila, your order will be covered by the return policy of the Apple Online Store for Philippines.

What currency exchange rate will I get?

Exchange rates will be determined by your bank at the time the order is settled. Any additional charges for an international transaction are determined by banking partners and the issuer of your credit card. Please contact your credit card issuer for details.

What payment methods can I use?

Credit cards -- Visa, and Mastercard -- are the only forms of payment eligible for international billing. Debit cards and other forms of payment are not accepted.

Read the complete terms and conditions.

*Only the South East Asian countries listed on this page are eligible. Availability of products, services and promotional offers varies by country and by store. Please check your local Apple Store or call telesales on 1800-80-6419 for more information.