Does the IOS 10 update support the 5th generation iPod touch

I have a 5th generation iPod touch and I keep checking the update for the IOS 10, and it always says the update I have is up to date. Do I have to do anything or is it just not possible?

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    when I found out that the 5th generation iPod couldn't get the iOS 10 update I was very upset.....but I think that there should be an update for the 5th generation

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  • I have an iPod 5 and I've been looking things up after looking things up and no, I don't think that the iPod 5th generation will have IOS 10... Sorry I wanted it too :(

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  • Nope, it is not possible as the 5th generation iPod touch uses the A5 processor. Only the 6th generation iPod touch can update to iOS 10.

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  • No, unfortunately. You only get the iOS 9.3.5 update :(

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  • Sorry guys. No. I have a iPod five as well. �� I really hope it eventually is offered for iPod five though. iPod six is the only iPod capable of this upgrade.

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  • N, it doesn't

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  • i think that it is just not possible because i never seen and ipod users have ios 10 on there ipod

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  • Unfortunately, the IOS 10 update does not support the 5th generation iPod. However, the update does support the sixth generation iPod and other newer devices. It’s not possible to update a iPod 5 to IOS 10.

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  • Yes

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  • No.

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  • yes

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