Does the 2m have a better construction than the one that comes with the iPad with retina and the 5s iPhone. My 1m broke very easily.

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    Yes, the 2m cord is slightly thicker and a little more rigid than the lightning cable that came with your iPhone & iPad. I've had the cable for about a month now and it shows to be holding up very well. It seems that you may need to put some effort forth if this cable was to ever become damaged or bent. I will recommend to keep the 2m cord at home instead of carrying it around with you everywhere. It is a longer than usual and may be in the way for some people.

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  • I've received both... The first 2 meter cable I bought was a little bit thicker and much more durable than the stock 1 meter cable. I liked it so much that I purchased another for use at my office or car and the one I received yesterday is identical to the stock cable + 1 extra meter in length. I looked online and saw that some model numbers are Apple MD819AM/A and others are Apple MD819ZM/A. I don't see a model # printed on the cables, so I called Apple. And they had no clue why the cords would be different and told me to call AppleCare support to get clarity. So, I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with a very helpful gentleman, whom worked very diligently to find an accurate answer for me, but, nevertheless, could not find an answer!. So he spoke with a supervisor whom couldn't explain anything either! lol. So he spoke with an apple specialist whom claimed they are all the same! However, I have 2 apple 2m lightning cables which are coated with 2 different qualities of coatings, and I've noticed 2 different model numbers for "the same" cables. So, if anyone has experience with these matters, please advise so I do not purchase another cable that isn't the thicker coated one.

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  • I've had mine for almost a year and recently moved. It got a kink in it during the move, so I'm having to get a new one. This is the best charger I've ever had. It's six feet long and thicker than the 1 meter. Apple should make all their chargers like this. I'll never buy any other charger than this one!

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  • Yes, the same material but much longer.

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