when using this cable with an iPad, does the iPad's screen itself still display video? or only the external display?

I'm designing a car stereo system that is going to use an iPad as the head unit (deck). I need to get a digital audio signal (toslink) out of the iPad so I can connect it to a DSP with toslink in. From there, it will be like any other car stereo; Analog audio out of the DSP (just as it would come out of a traditional car stereo head unit) and into amps, then speakers/subs. By going this route, I can use the vastly superior DA converter in the DSP as opposed to the iPad's onboard DA converter.

Unfortunately Apple does not provide us with a lightning to toslink adapter; surprise, surprise! However If I were to get a Lightning Digital AV Adapter, and a device like this (Fosmon HDMI Audio Extractor Converter Box [HDMI to HDMI+Audio] - Supports Toslink (SPDIF), RCA L/R Audio) Then conceivably I could extract the Digital audio that way. However, I will only need the audio from the HDMI signal, regardless if there is any video data or not (listening to an MP3 as opposed to watching an MKV) So for this plan to work, the iPad's own screen would need to remain active (on, with video displayed) even when the apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter is plugged into the iPad. Thanks.

Also, will using the apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter just transfer the sound from music/video's being watched, or would it transmit all system sounds, like for instance the key stroke sounds from typing, alert sounds from notifications, etc?

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

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    I have been using the lightning to HDMI adapter for my iPAD Mini to do code demonstrations and other various presentations for several months now. When using the iPAD to navigate between apps and browse the web, the display is mirrored on both the iPAD and display device (Projector, TV, etc.). The google slides app has a presentation mode that will display the slides in full screen on the connected device but show slide previews and presenter notes on the iPAD itself. As far as I know, the audio is transmitted and taken away from the iPAD just as if you had plugged in a set of head phones or connected to a Bluetooth speaker system.

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