What is the difference between the Magic Mouse2 and the Magic Mouse 1?

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    Magic Mouse 1 uses AA batteries.
    Magic Mouse 2 has an internal rechargeable battery (to recharge use USB to Lightning cable).

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  • Magic Mouse 1 uses replaceable batteries (2xAA, standard or rechargeable) and Magic Mouse 2 has a rechargeable internal battery (recharge via Lightning cable) with no option to use "replaceables."

    More importantly, the Magic Mouse 2 WILL ONLY WORK PROPERLY with Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later.

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  • Magic Mouse 2 uses a internal Lithium battery. It is charged with a Lightning connector and it works only with 10.11 or later.
    It works usually for a month. A full charge needs 2 hours. A 2-3 minute charge when empty works out for the day.
    It is lighter, glides better and seems to have slightly better control (that is hard to benchmark, but I have to change mouses when I use 10.9 on my computer so I know the better control immediately when changing back to the new mouse).

    Magic Mouse 1 is heavier, I can use it for about 2 weeks with a pair of good Panasonic/Sanyo Eneloops Pro.
    After some years, I found it looses Battery contact for a short moment when falling on the table, or hovering it roughly while mousing, so it looses contact and then reconnects. Charging time for these batteries depends on your charger and with mine it is 3 hours (700mA/h).

    If you include costs of chargeable batteries with charger for the Magic Mouse 1 the Magic Mouse 2 is a better deal.
    If you consider it to be chargeable 500 times, the internal battery of the Magic Mouse 2 should work for many more years than your computer.

    It may not be enough difference to change from one to the other, but if bought new for a current computer with El Capitan (10.11) or Sierra (10.12), I would definitely go for the new one.

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  • MM1 have replaceable batteries. MM2 is rechargeable but bad batteries can't be replaced. So, Magic Mouse 2 is a disposable mouse if battery ever goes bad.

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