How do you connect it to the in-flight entertainment / armrest jack on a plane?

In-Flight entertainments in almost all carriers require plugging into the armrest jack to listen / watch movies on the plane.

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    I have been wondering the same thing. My iPhone X came with ear phones that have a male lightning plug at the end. After a recent trip to Israel I realize I could not use them on the airplane since the adapter on the armrest requires a dual 3.5 mm jack. After returning home I have searched high and low trying to find an aftermarket accessory that would convert my earphones. I am looking for a female lightning end to male 3.5mm jack. Once you have secured that, you can then purchase a 3.5 adapter with a dual end for the armrest. However, I have been unsuccessful in finding the adapter. Thanks Apple, for making it so we have to carry additional items that we shouldn’t have to have. If anyone finds such a creature, please post.

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  • Since this device does not have a 3.5mm heaphone jack and instead only operates over Bluetooth it is not possible to ‘plug them in’ unless the in-flight entertainment system supports Bluetooth in which case you could use them wirelessly. I have not heard of an airlines in-flight entertainment system supporting connection over Bluetooth yet so we’ll have to presume this is not yet a capability available; however more often than not the bigger ailines provide you with a free wired headset to use with these systems.

    I personally can not recommend these headphones enough, however could see how not being able to use them for the in-flight entertainment system if you fly a lot could be a drawback. Maybe the urBeats3 Earphones with 3.5mm Plug is more suited to your needs, these can be found on the Apple Store website too and come in a similar look and feel to the BeatsX, just in a wired form factor.

    Hope this has helped.

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