Are the AirPods waterproof?

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    i mistakenly put my AirPods (without case) in the washing machine. After waking for 30 mins and drying 60 mins, they are still working pretty well. I was impressed.

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  • Hey Jimmy!
    Happy Easter!
    No they are not waterproof, but they do tolerate minor sweat (in my experience).
    Long story short, don't go swimming with them.


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  • I just found my airbuds in the washing machine, after I inadvertently left them in my shorts.
    I screamed and cursed at myself; then I tried them, and they worked! I see from the threads that they are lot supposed to be water proof.. but looks like I got away with it. But I don't recommend it.

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  • Not saying you should try it, but I have gone to splash parks with it. Took them to the shower also. But I’ve seen people on these forums saying that they have survived washing mastines, a week on a drain hole and swimming with it.

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  • I washed mine in the washer and dried in the dryer and they are DEAD. :( I didn't have the luck that others did.

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  • Im not sure about the airpods themselves but I accidentally dunked and submerged the charging case in a mug of water where it most like stayed submerged top open for about 5-6 min before I noticed it there. I took it out let it sit and dry for about an hour and it worked fine.

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  • Dropped mine in a coffee cup on Sunday and they seem to still work on Wednesday.

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  • My AirPods Accidentally made it into the washing machine. The right AirPod dies 10 percent sooner then the left one now. The case somehow opened up and the right AirPod got in the washer outside it's case. I would not assume these are water proof. I put the case and AirPods in a bag of rice for over week Note: In the bag of rice, AirPods must be in the bag of rice outside their case. My advise. be very careful not to let your AirPods end up the washing machine. I hope Apple revamps their AirPod design and makes an in ear design with silicone ear tips.

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  • I forgot I put them in my swim short pockets and was in the pool for at least an hour, left the pants hanging in the shower, then realized the next day what I had done! I thought I ruined my brand new airpods :( However, I was shocked when I stuck one in my ear and heard that little chime. I will say one of the pods stopped working after a few minutes, so I was set to purchase a replacement but eventually it came back to life and still works fine. I hope not to put them to the test again but I'm very impressed with their durability.

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  • Mine fell into a cooler full of ice for an HOUR and then the ice was dumped outside in the dirt, and after an hour and a half of searching for them i found them cold, wet and muddy and they still work...I got very lucky!

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  • My washed set of AirPods is all washed up. After buying a second pair, I shopped for a supposedly waterproof elastomer case that also has a a caribiner for putting on a key ring or a loop of your jeans. I do the latter, geeky as it may look, because it’s now too visible to accidentally take another ride through the washer. Interestingly, one AirPod dropped into the wash bowl as I was shaving and survived! The secret was to immediately dry it off, and then air dry with a my computing gear air jet (NOT a hairdryer).

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