How do apple AirPods work with iPhone 6s being it doesn't have the special chip adapter used for pairing the iPhone to the earbuds themselves?

I wanna know if I have to always manually connect them with Bluetooth every time I wanna use them. I don't wanna buy the iPhone 7 just for the convenience of fast adapting but if they don't adapt the way I've seen them in YouTube videos then I will have a tough decision to make.

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    The special chip you refer to (the W1) is the AirPods, not the iPhone. So, the AirPods will work with all iPhones.

    The AirPods will automatically connect to all the iDevices that are signed into your iCloud account. You do not have to pair them individually with your iDevices.

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  • i believe you are confused. The AirPods are nothing more than a Bluetooth device. They should have zero problems connecting with any other bluetooth transciever. The bluetooth specifications (standards) are not set by Apple - its a world wide industry standard that manufacurers jointly establish. The standard has grown and developed over the years - however it is the normal practice for the latest standard to be comparible with most of the previous standards. The newesr standard may offer provisions that and older standard isn't capable of doing, thus if a newer standard is compatible with and older standard when it connects you will only have the features that the oldest standards supports. To my knowledge there is no special chilp in the iPhone 7 that speeds up pairing oe automatic connection after pairing. Every iPhone I have evrer had (5s, 6, 6S) all connect automatically to bluetooth devices after the initial pairing, and generally does so in less than a couple of seconds. I have the Beats bluetooth earbuds that have the identical chilp that the AirPods have, and it connects quickly and easily to my, iPhone 6S, my iPad Air2, to my MacMini without any problems and does so automatically after the first pairing. There are features AirPods offer that other bluetooth devices are lacking, but in regard to functioning with any nonApple device, there shoukd be little problem pairing them uo, but some features of iPhone, like SIRI will not be available, but you should hear through them, and most often stop/start music and change volume those are imbeded in the bluetooth stsndard. This is probably more information than you asked for, but it has been my long term experience with bluetooth devices that some manufactures offering very cheap devices use inferior bluetooth chips and as a result they never work right, often do not pair or drop connections, etc. This has been the root of most "problems" prople think bluetooth has. Apple does not use such chips.

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