1st.do softwares downloadable from the internet can work on mac os.  2nd.does mac os cant be virused by any dangerous viruses even all type.

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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  • 1) Software that is written for the Mac will work on the Mac. But, just like with Windows, you need to read System Requirements to determine whether the software will work on your version of the Operating System.

    2) It is extremely rare for viruses to affect the Mac, especially in the last 10 years as the Mac operating system has improved. Virtually all viruses are written for Windows-based computers because most computers are Windows-based, and it is more "entertaining" for hackers to write viruses for Windows since they can disrupt many more computers and businesses for their efforts. (I have been using Macs since 1988, and have never had to worry about viruses.) If one is still concerned about the potential for getting a virus, there are some virus protection software packages for the Mac... but I have never had to worry about installing them. It is far more important to do safe internet practices to prevent phishing, scams, etc. and to ensure that downloaded software comes from "trusted" web sites. Regular backups of your Mac hard drive is beneficial, not only in the remote instance that you might get a virus, but also to recover software and data when the hard drive eventually fails or files get corrupted.

    3) If you install Windows on a Mac, then you must worry about virus protection.

    4) Any software that has an .EXE ending in the filename, is intended for Windows, and not for the Mac.