Airport Extreme with Wifi Broadband Stick

Currently, I am using a wifi stick attached to my router with USB (for 3G) to share my unlimited internet to all my device. I would like to know if I can extend or improve my connection by using Airport Extreme, aside from the features already mentioned e.g. HD sharing, printer sharing etc.

  • Asked by fn from Beverly Hills
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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  • Your stick uses 3G broadband, like a cell phone, to provide service to your devices.
    this is separate than what an Airport Extreme is built to do.

    Airport Extreme is a Router with Wifi built in.
    So you would have this scenario:
    1. Internet Service provided by an ISP and coming into your house via Modem
    2. The Airport Extreme connected to said modem, and then it shares the internet connection
    wirelessly to any device in your house.

    • Answered by Terry J from Oklahoma City