Am I missing something or, why has Apple still not put an on/off button on this still? Doesn't seem efficient to plug into a fully charged phone...

Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

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    This case doesn't technically charge your phone like a Mophie. What it does is once it's plugged in your phone is running off the case's battery. It's efficient to plug into a charged phone because it will run out the case first and then once it's dead you'll have a full 100℅ from your actual phone's battery.

  • It's a smart battery so it knows when to give the iPhone some juice, so it won't overcharge.

  • its a smart case,It does not need an off/on button. I'm sure if it needed it, the engineers behind both products would have added the button. Once connected, if the iPhone is on a 100%, the phone battery stops charging and device switches to the direct power source from the case(Not detrimental to your iPhone battery life). When the power source is out the device switches to the local battery.

  • The answer is wrong, my brand new iPhone 7 was at 100% charge and the charge lightning bolt icon was still on, I had to take the case off. The on/off switch would be better than it sensing it needs juice every time it dips below 100%.... just sayin....