ATT modem/router combo which I do not think works well. How will the Extreme work in this situation or do I need a new modem? I have no experience.

ATT modem/router combo which I do not think works well. How will the Extreme work in this situation or do I need a new modem? I have no experience and would have to do this alone. Currently the internet always goes out, and has issues with new devices logging into the network, as well as issues streaming. We are thinking replacing the router will help this situation. Ideas?

  • Asked by fn from Daphne
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  • Similiar to the other answer here, I also have AT&T U-Verse service with the supplied modem. It has WiFi capability, but I disabled it. I have been using a 5th-gen Airport Extreme and extending the network with an Airport Express due to some structural issues and layout of my home. Here's the deal: It works and works well. In my family we have 4 iPhones, 3 iPads, 1 desktop PC, 2 PC Laptops and 2 MacBook Pro's and we do not have problems. Using the dual-band AE was the better choice (for us) over the AT&T router.

    • Answered by Andrew L from Millbrook
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    I have ATT Uverse w/ an ATT-supplied modem/router/wireless device (Arris NVG589) - and have had their service for a few years. About a month ago I got tired of random service drop-outs, called ATT support and (after some no-resolution online testing) they sent out a technician who swapped out some "old style" connections (outside) and traded me for a new modem/router/wireless device - all for free because what they found at my place was "no longer within specs" for them to be able to guarantee quality service. Service has been stable since then.

    Separate from that event, and more to the point of your inquiry - YES, I also have an Apple Airport Extreme base station. I plugged in a Cat5 ethernet cable from the ATT router to supply internet service to the Airport Extreme. Then, I setup my own, uniquely-named WiFi network using the Airport as the wireless source. Effectively, I've ignored the WiFi supplied by the ATT device... internet service passes through it, but all my WiFi is sourced out of the Airport Extreme. This has been stable and working beautifully for 2-3 years.

    Streaming (I assume video) is a high-bandwidth activity. If there is a way to do that wired instead of wireless, you'll end up being happier with the overall configuration... not necessarily because of the quality of the streaming content, but because taking that load off of your WiFi will leave plenty of WiFi bandwidth for other WiFi usage WHILE there is streaming video going on. I have 3 computers, a tablet, and 2 phones that share the WiFi full time, and I definitely saw more dependable connections for them when I moved my streaming devices off WiFi.

    • Answered by Joseph F from Tulsa