Can I buy the 10.6 Family pack and use it to upgrade one macbook running 10.5 and one macbook pro running 10.4?

I have a old fairly broken down Macbook Pro that was a seriously early revision, like 13 weeks out of the factory. It is running the latest version of Tiger (10.4.11? I can't remember). I also have a newer Macbook running 10.5.8.

My plan is to use the old MBP with a external harddrive hooked up to a tv to play my movies. I'm fairly stubborn and want to do this using dvdpedia and frontrow but the plugin will not work under 10.4, only 10.5 or 10.6.

So I was wondering if I could purchase the Snow Leopard family pack and upgrade BOTH my computers? I know in the description it says to upgrade from Tiger I need the box set edition but I do not need any of the iApps, in fact I would delete them straight away so no way am I paying $NZ349 for it. This is probably more than the computer is worth seeing as the airport card, battery and dvd drive do not work.

Sorry if this is overly complicated but I am a student and I don't want to commit my money if there is no hope of achieving what I want! If anyone has some answers or clarification for me that would be amazing :)

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  • yes