can i install snow leopard on more than one computer (i have it on a laptop, can I use the same disc and put it on my desktop?)

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    Only if you get the family pack, otherwise no.

  • No. You will need to buy the $29 upgrade disk. If you plan to do more than one computer the Family pack is the way to go. Go to the Mac store and choose Mac Software on the left and you can read all about the upgrade you desire.

    Your desktop computer must meet the following requirements before you even try to upgrade.

    1. A Mac computer with an Intel processor
    2. 1 GB of memory or more
    3. 5 GB of available disk on your hard drive.
    4. A DVD drive for installation.

    I have a PowerPC G5 iMac. I am out of luck. No Intel processor. It is going to the grand children and I am getting a new iMac.

    Hope this helps