Can I synchronize two imacs? I would like the login accounts and files to be duplicated, so the family can jump on the free imac and have everything

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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  • There are programs that will let you sync two macs for several users. Simply google "Sync Macs" to find them. Examples: SyncTogether, SyncMate, etc.

    Alternatively... keep all files/documents on one iMac and access with the other iMac through the network and file sharing. Have only one login on the other iMac, so you don't need to enter login when booting up. When accessing from the other iMac, you should be asked to enter the user login for the iMac on which the file/documents are kept.

    I do this between an iMac and a PC. When I access either computer from the other one, I always have to enter my personal user login to access my files. I store all my files on the iMac, except some that my wife must have on the PC. This is to keep all files organized in centralized locations, without duplication and confusion.

    You will, of course, probably need to install programs/applications on both iMacs. You should have licenses to install apps on both iMacs.