can i upgrade OS 9.9 to OS 10.6 on a Imac dual intel machine

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    You can do a clean install OS 10.6. Or, you could experiment doing an "upgrade".

    This is what I would recommend either way...

    Create a new hard drive partition or borrow an external hard drive. (If using an external, transfer/clone your internal partition with OS 9 to it, and make sure you can start up your iMac from the external hard drive. This is so you can go back to your former OS for whatever reason.) Then begin installing Snow Leopard (OS 10.6) to the new internal hard drive partition or, if you moved everything to an external HD, to the internal hard drive by first erasing the internal (see link below).

    All Snow Leopard install disks are capable of doing a clean install (including the US$29 disk). Follow these instructions (which includes instructions on erasing/formatting the partition where OS 10.6 will be installed):

    When I did the clean install using the $29 disk, during the installation I was asked if I wanted to import the OS Settings, Applications and/or Files from my external hard drive that had OS 10.4.11 on it. I don't know if the installer will try to import from OS 9.

    There are a few questions that I have of you:
    1) I don't recall OS 9 going past version OS 9.2.
    2) Are you sure you have OS 9 on a iMac dual intel? I thought all iMac dual intel computers came with OSX.