Can I use Airport Express as router connected to modem and Time Capsule to extend wifi? Is that a sate of Time Capsule's capabilities?

Here's my dilemma: My modem, AirPort Express, and speakers are in my living room. The speakers are plugged into AirPort Express so I can play my music from any device. At the other end of the house is my study where I'd like to place the Time Capsule so that I can backup my laptop and so that I can extend the wifi signal in my house. Is that possible? And even if it is, am I wasting the Time Capsule's router capabilities by using the Express as the router and the Time Capsule as a means to extend signal?

And why on earth is Express the only router capable of connecting to speakers??

  • Asked by fn from San Francisco
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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  • Probably this will work however if you need a fast and more reliable approach then my suggestion would be to use Powerline. I have just installed Develo 1200+ (without Wfi) to install my TC in another part of the building from the Modem/Router. So one PL next to the router, the other next to the TC in the study. Set the TC up in Bridge Mode (not extend). This will also give you WiFi in the study. Overall I have found that Powerline is very fast and reliable.

    • Answered by Richard I