Can i use both LAN and WAN ethernet ports in the back if i use it to extend my wireless network?

If i use it to extend my current wireless network can i use the two ethernet ports in the back the WAN and LAN for my wire clients? or is the LAN port the only one that can be use?

  • Asked by fn from Doral
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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  • Why would you need to use both WAN and LAN to extend a Wifi network?
    Connect the LAN port to either a device or preferably a switch. If you're using this to extend a network, then just extend via wireless.
    What I used to do was, use a powerline to extend the wired network from the DSL modem, to a 10/100/1000 switch, then plug the Airport Express into the switch and set it up so the DSL router created a Wifi network in the front of the house and the Airport Express at the back of the house.

    The only time both WAN and LAN ports would be used together is if this replaces your router or if you're routing at L3 between networks... which I can't imagine you'd want to do on this.

    • Answered by Bobak F