Can I use my MacBook Pro system disc (Snow leopard) that came with my computer to upgrade my Macbook 13 inch (early 2008) to OSX 10.6 ?

I have Macbook 13 inch (early 2008) running 10.5.8 and want to upgrade the operating system to the 10.6 version that came with my MacBook Pro. I purchased the OSX Lion USB so that I could install the new OS on my MacBook Pro and my Macbook. I have been successful with my Macbook Pro but when I try and use the Snow Leopard install disc that came with my MacBook Pro it tells me I can't use the disc on the MacBook.

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    You cannot use the system install disk from your MacBook Pro On your MacBook. That disk is only licensed for use with the machine that it came with.

    You will need to purchase a retail copy of Snow Leopard to upgrade the MacBook. You can then use the Lion Install key to upgrade both machines to Lion.