Can I use the same power adapter all over the world for all voltages and both 50 and 60 Hz frequency?

Frequency: The power adapter that came with my Macbook Pro in the USA stopped working while using it in Japan where the power is 100 V 50 Hz. I noticed it got really hot when I used it in Japan. I had to buy a new one in Tokyo, and this one doesn't seem to get nearly as hot when I'm using it in Japan. I am wondering if I need 2 different power adapters for the 2 different countries.

Warranty: Or maybe I had a defective power adapter from the start? It is less than a year old. Can I get it replaced under warranty?

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    I've used mine all over the world without trouble. When the adapter steps up or down and has to work at a higher or lower frequency its efficiency changes and heat is a normal by-product of the lost energy in conversion. You may just have had a weak unit.