Can iPhone be backed up to an airport extreme?

  • Asked by fn from Fort Wayne
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    iOS devices can back up 2 ways, to a computer via iTunes or to iCloud via an internet connection. You could use an airport extreme to access either of these methods, but you are not backing up to the extreme itself, it is simply a bridge to either the internet for iCloud backup or to your local network to wirelessly backup to a local network computer. You can also back up to your computer using a USB cable.

    • Answered by Jeffrey K from Frisco
  • The iPhone can be backed up through the Airport Extreme but it is not recommended because you are receiving new data and information that the Airport Extreme does not receive nor modify backed up information stored so it is recommended that you back up directly to iTunes using a computer. It is more secure and requires an Apple ID and a password that only you and (if applicable) several others know. Most of the time that people would know your Wi-Fi password because it is common for people to store data on their own devices. That kind of information stored on the Airport Extreme can be intercepted and used against you or used to steal information from you. Although the iPhone cane be backed up to the Airport Extreme, it requires a hard drive, an external USB port, and a knack for coding. It is highly recommended you back up your iPhone to iTunes for better security and without worry of losing any critical information.

    • Answered by Zachary P from Austin