Can you transfer photos & videos from ipad to a flash drive

I want to transfer photos & videos from my ipad to a flash drive so I have more memory space. .

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    This CAN NOT be done. Many people respond as though it can when in fact It's NOT POSSIBLE, and then give you an answer to a question you didn't ask, like this:

    What CAN be done is transfer your photos from an iPad to a computer and then to a flash/thumb drive connected to the computer and transfer them from the computer to your flash drive.

    If you've synced your iPad to iCloud, you can transfer them from iCloud to your computer, then from your computer to a flash drive. You NEED a computer, and iTunes or Image Capture on a Mac, or iTunes or Auto Play (or something similar) on a PC to bridge the gap between iPad and flash drive.

    iPad > COMPUTER> Flash Drive
    iPad > ICLOUD > COMPUTER > Flash Drive

    iPad > Flash Drive

  • Hello ~ please can you tell me if it is possible to transfer photos from iPad to USB directly without having to go via a pic? Thank you JM