Controllability with the included remote control vs. the iphone/ipad

1. Is the controllable range the same with the remote controller as it is with the iphone/ipad as the controller?

2. Does the iphone or ipad need a cellular signal in order to achieve the 4.7 mile range?

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

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    1. No, the controller uses a special radio to achieve that potential 4.7 mile range. Without the controller your device will only use wifi will will give a much, much shorter range.

    2. No data connection is required to fly the craft. a data connection will not affect the range of the Mavic Pro.

  • 1. No. Using the iphone/ipad as the controller is much shorter range as it uses wifi for the signal.

    2. Cellular signal iphone/ipad should not provide any change in range if you are using it in conjunction with the DJI controller. Cellular data does give you maps on your screen though.

  • The controller will enable you to control the drone up to a distance of about 7km thanks to the new 2.4Ghz frequency range being used.

    Using an iPhone or iPad to control the drone requires you to push a switch on the drone itself from rc --> wifi. This will enable you to fly the drone just using your iPhone, however the flight distance you can go away from you is reduced to 80m, seeing as you are now flying over wifi rather than a radio channel

    Radio Controller 4.7miels / 7km

    Iphone 80 metres

  • 1 - Same like Dji 4
    2 - No it does not need any signal.