Do any buttons on this case get stuck or are hard to press or get in the way of proper function of the iphone 7 plus

Otterbox Statement Cases for iPhone 7/7 Plus

Otterbox Statement Cases for iPhone 7/7 Plus

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    This is a great looking case but in my experience the volume buttons are fine but the power button is tough and is showing no signs of softening. Its a shame but a button too easily activated would be worse, IMO.

  • I have to say the buttons were tough to press at first but since owning it for about a month they have softened. Access to the silent switch is a bit of an annoyance with you kinda having to dig your finger into the opening but other than that a 10/10 case!

  • Absolutely .,. The lock button, very easy to use without the case, is almost impossible to use with this case. I'm throwing the case's that bad!