do these work with the iPads?

Do the Mag chargers for the Macbooks work with the iPads?

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    No. The charger for your iPad would be the same as the charger for your iPod or iPhone. The computer chargers are different. This charger is also different from the 13 inch MacBook Pro and MacBook chargers.

  • As simply as i can put this, no it will not work with an ipad. The ipad uses a dock connector like the same connector that you would use for an iPhone or iPod touch. There is an adapter for the ipad on the apple store website.

  • No, the iPad will only accept a 30-pin iPod/iPhone connector. And be careful to make sure that the adapter that you use supplies 10 volts. If you use a standard 5 volt USB port, you will only be able to charge your iPad while it is off or asleep. It will not charge while it's in use.

  • No. This is designed for the MacBook Pro. The iPad requires less power and has a different adapter, which can be bought separately.

  • No. The iPad uses a 10 watt power adapter with a dock connecter, not a mag-safe port.