Do you have to remove a phone case?

mophie wireless charging base

mophie wireless charging base

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    My phone is with an Apple leather case and it charges fine with it.

  • It depends on the case you buy. I use an otter box symmetry and it works fine.

  • As long as the case is not metal and 3mm or less, it will work.

  • Works fine with both leather and cases with some metal around the band, and provides a fast charge too!

  • I use an otter box defender case with my iphone x. It charged fine with cae. I left the phone on it for a couple of hours. It indicated 100% charged and the phone is a little warm. If left the phone on mophie charging base overnight, it charged 100% but not warm. Thus, the smart tech must stop the charging when the phone is fully charged.

  • No, you don't have to remove your case when you are using your iphone or charging it.

  • Nope, I always charge my phone in its case and it charges perfectly fine. If the charging port is damaged and the cord doesn't fit in all the way, then I would recommend taking of the case, that happened to my old phone and that worked, also if it is damaged try not to move your phone around too much, otherwise it won't charge, (also learned from experience). Hope this helpful for anyone with these problems.