Does the install dvd for snow leopard come with all the original ilife apps?

i plan on upgrading to snow leopard from leopard, but threw the past year doing various things i ended up losing garageband and imovie

i purchased and install disk for mac os x 10.5 but since i already had it i couldnt install it and that disk didnt have garageband on it

also to my current knowledge i cant install any apps without the mac store and cant install the mac store without snow leopard so for that im thankful that either way ill be able to reinstall garageband

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    No, the Snow Leopard install dvd does not come with the iLife apps.

    When I upgraded directly from OS 10.4 to Snow Leopard, my iLife apps from OS 10.4 continued to work (maybe they software updated?).

    You will need to buy GarageBand and iMovie ($15 each).

    After installing Snow Leopard, make sure to do "Software Updates" under the Apple menu to bring up to OS 10.6.8 before getting apps from the MacStore.