Does the iPhone 7 Silicone Case allow output from both stereo speakers or does it cover one of the speakers?

Apple iPhone 7 Silicone Case

Apple iPhone 7 Silicone Case

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    This case does not cover any of the speakers on the phone. Both speakers on bottom and the speaker on the front at the top are all open.

  • The top speaker on the new iPhone is not on the top SIDE of the phone (like the bottom speaker), but rather in the same area as the ear speaker, so no speakers are covered.

  • The iPhone 7 Silicone Case and the Leather case doesn't cover the stereo speakers. You may enjoy the freedom of sound from these cases.

  • There is no two soeaker on bottom!!! There is only one speaker in bottom of the phone which is located on bottom right side of the phone and the left bottom its just the vent and the secound speaker is on the top of the phone ( on the screan)

  • The silicone case will not disrupt the stereo speakers on the iphone 7. As the case doesn't cover the speakers or any ports. The case also doesn't disrupt the stereo speakers on the top of the phone either.

  • It allows both

  • Yes it does, just like the same old silicone cases for its predecessor