Does the Mavic have HDMI connectivity?

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

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    Neither the Mavic nor its controller have HDMI connectivity at this time. The Mavic uses a proprietary system called OccuSync to send video telemetry. There are *currently* no OccuSync receivers that provide HDMI output. The optional Mavic headset/goggles receive OccuSync telemetry directly from the drone, and although the headset is yet to be released, it is understood not have HDMI output.

    The advantage of HDMI output is to allow other observers to watch a live stream from the Mavic (i.e. see everything in real time) on a large TV or display. It would also mean that you could attach a third party FPV (first-person-view) headset to the controller without having to buy the bulky DJI version.

    There are many other brands of FPV headset on the market, they are probably be much cheaper than the DJI version (price TBC), but more importantly, they are much smaller and therefore far more practical for field use.

    The Fat Shark Dominator is a popular model on third party FPV Headset. I would definitely use one of these if DJI provided an HDMI output.

    In my opinion, it is unlikely that DJI will permit this, as it means users could bypass the DJI goggles in favour of cheaper and more portable third party devices — but I could be wrong. I certainly hope I am wrong.

  • Not natively at this time, although we are hoping DJI will introduce a stand alone Occusync receiver with HDMI out. This might cannibalize sales of their soon to be released FPV headset, but without HDMI and therefor lack of compatibility with other devices, and the expected $700 price point I don't see many people opting for them. The only other way to get HDMI out is to connect an Android tablet to the controller that has HDMI out, such as a Nvidia Shield K1, some do this and it works with any headset that has HDMI in. This is not available for IOS devices as the Lightning to HDMI adapter only passes power via its secondary lightning socket, and not data.
    To be able to sell a good many Headsets, that at the moment only work with the Mavic, the P4P & the Inspire 2, DJI needs to provide compatibility with other HDMI devices, whether this is via a headset HDMI port or a stand alone Occusnyc receiver (my choice).

  • No it does not but can you explain why do you what HDMI in to the drone?