Does the new Airport Express have noticeable range improvements from it's predecessor?

I currently use the old Airport Express to extend my wireless network broadcasted from my Time Capsule 2nd generation.
Unfortunately, the room I have my Airport Express in, which has poor service to the Time Capsule directly, is not always within working range.

If I upgraded my Airport Express to the newer unit, should I expect to see a NOTICEABLE improvement in coverage range?

I'm specifically asking those users who have used both; do you notice a significant improvement worthy of spending $100 on upgrading my device, keeping in mind this is really only so I can get strong WiFi extended from my Time Capsule and have it more reliable than the extended signal I currently have from the older Airport Express.

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AirPort Express

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  • Anyone still wondering this?? The answer is yes, for sure... they're observable differences in range, including greater distance/volume/size of the signal and more functions for the newer Gen. Express's. Most significant is probably the new Gen Express's capacity to create duel-network.. splitting a network in to 2.4 & 5 ghz signals. Different from Comcast btw... Even more appealing, you can preset the newer Gen Express's to auto switch between the two networks based on what you are doing. For ex., if you're watching videos/gaming and within its ideal-range, the 5ghz network will be used as it is a stronger signal for that situation... whereas the 2.4 is prompted for computers on say the other side of the house or minor iphone/ipad operations. 2.4 has a wider network range but slightly weaker signal. You may want to use the 5 ghz signal in your upstairs bedroom for watching Netflix.. however, your position is not ideal for the 5ghz thus prompted to the 2.4 ntwk as the more sufficient one. When this is done automatically, it is nice. Certainly, the Gen 1 Express cannot function this way. It provides a straight 2.4 ghz network. Another signif. difference includes an ability to set the new Gen Express to, "Extended A WiFi Network"...whereas Gen 1 Express may only be used to "Create A Wireless Network". Finally, there are vast physical differences as is important to its signal range. The newer Express devices designed to facilitate a much improved signal than it's predecessor, as it is intended to sit alongside other IP modem/devices in a fixed location in-home or is intended to sit within a server room at a given business..for example(s). These locations are typically in the back of buldings or by the cable outlet in a living room thus requiring an ability to reach other rooms whether thru walls, wider sig range etc. IT SHOULD BE NOTED.. using the two devices together has major benefits to your network...including emphasis on privacy/sec & ntwk. portability. -Bryan