Does this charger sense when it's connected?

i.e. If left plugged in to a power outlet when not connected to a device will it still draw current?

I'll be using it to charge a Touchbar MBP 15". With my previous MBP I would charge it from my Thunderbolt monitor, which only supplied current when the MBP was connected. Since a MagSafe to USB-C adapter is not available I will have to use this charger instead but will need to leave it connected to the wall socket behind my desk and I don't want it to be wasting current through the transformer all day while I'm out.

Thanks in advance.

  • Asked by fn
87W USB-C Power Adapter

87W USB-C Power Adapter

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2 Answers from the Community

  • It will draw a very tiny amount of standby power while plugged in.

    Use a power bar or surge protector. You can plug it into the wall outlet but the extra length will let you reach it to turn it off when not needed.

    • Answered by Jansen N from East Gwillimbury
  • Hi there, There is no way to safely say that it wont be pulling energy but if it is warm while its not plugged in to anything its pulling more than 0.5 Watts if it is not warm then it most likely will be pulling 0.5 Watts


    • Answered by Christian C from Corona