does this work with car audio/video?

Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

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    It works n my Sony, with the exception of song data from Pandora....

  • My car stereo has a USB slot and worked with my iPhone 4. I'm pleased to say the iPhone 5/lightning connector also works just fine

  • It will not transmit car video. Even the Lightning adapter won't do video. This cable will work with your car if two things are true:

    1) Your car has a USB plug and specifically supports iPod/iPhone use through that connection.

    2) Your car is not a BMW or other exotic that supports the obscure "iPod Out" video/audio interface.

    If your car has a wire coming out of the console or glove box that ends in a 30 pin connector, you'll need the lightning adapter.

  • It works flawlessly with my JVC head unit.

  • If your car audio/video head unit has a USB connection, the new cable/iPhone 5 will work fine. If you are using the headphone connection to your car audio/video unit it will also work without issue.

    Finally, for those with audio/video head units that connected directly to the original 30pin connector, you will need the adapter from apple or an adapter from your head unit's manufacture (if/when made available).

    Hope this helped.

  • Unfortunately not with all of them. The new cable does not support ipod out protocol that a majority of stereos use.

  • It works perfectly with the Sync system in our 2013 Ford Flex. Well, as perfectly as anything works with this buggy system! I've also used it with a Chrysler Uconnect system and it worked fine.

  • Audio (e.g. Pandora & iPod) works fine. This cable does not support video however (e.g. Netflix & GPS navigation).

  • It works with our 2012 BMW 750i and 2011 BMW ActiveE (1 series electric car).

  • I cannot speak for all cars with iPod integration, but it definitely works with the 2011 Honda City.