Does this work with the 24" Apple Cinema Display to connect devices like the PS3 via this cable to display on the screen?

Apple HDMI-to-HDMI Cable 1.8m

Apple HDMI-to-HDMI Cable 1.8m

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    Like the previous person said, it will not do what you're looking for it to do, but this will: Belkin AV360 HDMI-to-Mini DisplayPort Converter

  • No. The cinema display only has mini display port on it. The hdmi cable that apple is selling is a standard hdmi on both ends. So apple tv into tv or from the Mac mini to the tv.

  • The 27" apple display has no HDMI input, however you should be able to use the Belkin HDMI to DVI cable with the Apple DVI to Mini DisplayPort adaptor. I suggest you pop into your nearest Apple store and ask one of the Specialists

  • No, I'm afraid the Apple Cinema Display only supports Mini DisplayPort. Even if you were to experiment with female DisplayPort to HDMI-cables, you should keep in mind that it was made to work with Macs and nothing else, so it would be a long shot.

  • No. This cable is to connect devices with HDMI such as the Mac mini and the Apple TV to a Television or a Monitor with HDMI.

  • No. The 24" Cinema Display doesn't actually have any inputs on it. The cable bunch attached only allows you to connect to any Apple products that have a DisplayPort socket of the right size available. This HDMI cable is only designed for connecting the Mac Mini or Apple TV to your HDTV that has a HDMI input.

  • No. This is for connecting devices to your TV, not your apple display.

  • No.

  • Nope

  • This will work with any HDMI device the same as any other HDMI cable, there is nothing special about the Apple Cable compared to any other HDMI cable...

  • No, you can only hook like your Apple TV up to your HD TV.