How can I connect a year-old MBP to my Plasma TV and get the picture AND sound on the TV? The TV does not have any HDMI ports.

I have tried so many kits from Radio Shack and the Apple Store. I do not think my MBP can take an HDMI cable so I do not understand how this Apple HDMI to HDMI Cable works for some people. I know my plasma TV does not have any HDMI outlets which surprised me Could I have missed them? I highly doubt it but I thought all the HD LCD/Plasma TVs had HDMI outlets. I was thinking then I need the old fashioned red-white-yellow-black cables that used to come with old stereos. I would be so grateful if someone could help me. I was able to get an adapter kind of cable and that worked for the picture but there was no sound coming out the TV. Any ideas? Any Apple article that helps? With the questions posted here, it sounds so easy, but how do they get the HDMI cable to hook into their MBP? I have another 1.5 year-old MBP and I did not see any port that would take an HDMI cable.

Apple HDMI-to-HDMI Cable 1.8m

Apple HDMI-to-HDMI Cable 1.8m

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    All MacBook's have something on them called a Mini Display Port, which is the port that allows you to send video out of you MBP to a TV or a display. You have to get an adapter that allows you to get from a Mini DP, to a more universal video cable to connect to an external video source. Assuming your TV had an HDMI port on it, you would be able to connect your MacBook Pro to your TV with the Mini DP to HDMI adapter. Depending on which model MBP you have, it may or may not support audio as well. However, since you do not have a HDMI port available on your TV, you might need to get a different adapter to connect it to your TV. If you have a VGA or DVI port on the back of your TV, then you can get a Mini DP to VGA or Mini DP to DVI adapter, and use a VGA or DVI cable to connect it to your TV. The only issue with this is that audio is not supported by these cables, and you would need to use the headphone jack on your MBP to send audio out to your TV as well.