How do I upgrade os x 10.6.8 on macbookair 3,2?

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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  • MacBookAir3,2 is supported by "High Sierra" (OS 10.13).

    To upgrade:

    1) open "App Store" app in OS 10.6.8. Search for "MacOS" or "OS X".

    2) "El Capitan" (OS 10.11) should appear as available for download and install *.

    3) Once El Capitan running, then open "App Store" again and search for "MacOS" or "OS X".

    4) either "Sierra" (OS 10.12) or "High Sierra" (OS 10.13) should now appear as available for download and install.

    ( * Note: OS 10.12 requires OS 10.7 or later, thus if you currently have OS 10.6.8 only "El Capitan" will appear.)

    (Note2: Should you desire to upgrade to "Lion" (OS 10.7) or "Mountain Lion" (OS 10.8) then you need to purchase a redemption code from the online Apple Store. The redemption code will then allow you to download and install through the App Store app. OS 10.9 and OS 10.10 are no longer available to new users as OS 10.11 supports all the same systems as OS 10.9 and OS 10.10 did.)

    (Note 3: Once you have installer, you can do a clean install to a different partition from your existing operating system. You can then use Start Up Disk (or hold OPTION key during start up) to choose which OS you want to work with. If doing a clean install, it does not matter which OS is already on your Mac. Please note however: Macs originally sold with a later version of OS X, may not allow installation of an earlier version (but the earlier version may still "run" on the Mac if certain steps are followed).)