How does the Airport Express range compare to an Airport Extreme? I want to extend my network.

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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  • If anyone had this same question since 12'... it depends on how you're using your network. Generally speaking, the Extreme will offer the same exact network-function and range capability as the Express provides.. T

    You may need the Extreme device with high-frequency GBdata use or if intending to use your Airport device as a backup device for Time Machine-backups. It should be noted, if living in a small house or apartment by yourself or with your wifey and .. say 2-10 devices on the network (eg iPhone, iPad, appletv, iMac, MacBook, wifi TV x2, etc), the airport express is perfect for this situation. I use an Express to facilitate a much more frequently used and confidential/private network at my job, including 16 computers and probably 45-50 iPhone/ipad devices...several printers and the occasional client device. Not all at once obv.. but it can handle much! The only real differences include the ports on the back of device and its backup abilities. As I see it, the Extreme is ideal for creating an ability to back-up the network that you either "created" or "extended". Any device on the Extreme's network would auto-back-up to your iCloud thus saving tremendous time/tedious work via use of Time Machine. In addition, issues with Time Machine can cause rather permanent damage to your disk selected to be used with Time Machine. This is not possible with the Express. You may plug a printer or speaker into the USB port on the Express thus limited use with this port. Another great Extreme-only function that the Express canNOT perform includes an ability to USB-plug an external drive to the Extreme directly for use as a backup device in Time Machine. This also saves tremendous complications with Time Machine.. which again can unfortunately cause sometimes permanent damage to your device's backup disk. Aint that some sh.. Prob rare but to be clear, Apple is GREAT about handling this issue in very prompt time.. I had two devices I think I screwed up the disks'..Apple fixed ;)