I am about to move into a long (front to back) home with two floors. I want the WiFi to be as strong upstairs as down.

Will the AirPort extreme do a good job of throwing the signal up/down? Should I put it upstairs or down?

  • Asked by fn from Killeen
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    It depends on the layout of your house and where the wireless devices will be located. If you have a lot of walls between the device and the AirPort Extreme, you might have a weaker signal and poor network speed. You also want to try and put the Extreme in as much of a central location in the house as you can. I was in what sounds like a similar house and the AirPort Extreme did well in all rooms except one. The AirPort Extreme was located downstairs in one corner of the house. The room that had a very slow connection was upstairs in the opposite corner of the house. I bought an AirPort Express and put it at the top of the stairs, high on a wall. I used the Express to extend the range of the Extreme and I had great speed in the room that was having issues before.

    • Answered by Randy K from Houston